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SpaBoss Chemicals

SpaBoss Chemicals

Since 1893, Capo Industries Ltd. has been involved in the formulation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of specialty chemicals throughout the United States and Canada.

Today, our product lines include swimming pool and spa chemicals, automotive chemicals, household cleaners, lawn and garden products and leather dressings. Capo is situated in Burlington, Ontario with an 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The finished goods are warehoused in Vancouver, Burlington and throughout the U.S.

One of Capo’s major strengths is in the contract packaging of private brand liquid and powder based products.

Capo has qualified for the ISO 9003 International Quality Standard. Recognized world wide in over 74 countries, registration to the ISO 9003 means our business has established a comprehensive system to ensure quality. In order to achieve registration, the business had to prove that it had implemented a thoroughly documented quality system that met the 16 elements defined in the standard. Among those elements are management responsibility, corrective and preventative action, and internal quality auditing.

How Do I use SpaBoss to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?

  • SpaBoss pH Booster / pH Plus - Raises the PH of the Water

    SpaBoss pH Booster will raise the pH levels of your hot tub water. An ideal pH level is between 7.2-7.6.

    This is a 750g Bottle.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?

  • SpaBoss pH Reducers / pH Minus - Lowers PH in Water

    SpaBoss pH minus lowers the pH of your hot tubs water.

    This is a 1kg bottle.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?

  • SpaBoss pH Stable - Reduces Demand for Water Balancing Chemicals

    SpaBoss pH Stable reduces demand for water balancing chemicals. SpaBoss pH Stable also will help maintain stable pH levels in your hot tub or spa.

    This is a 1L bottle.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?

  • SpaBoss Prevent 2 / Control - Removes Staining and Cleans Water

    SpaBoss is a specially formulated multipurpose liquid that can help prevent and often eliminate stains and scaling in your spa or hot tub. Using SpaBoss Prevent II helps to increase your hot tub heating element performance by eliminating scale build up.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?


  • SpaBoss Spa Clear - Restores Clarity and Reduces Chlorine

    SpaBoss Spa Clear will help reduce bromine or chlorine demand by coagulating suspended particles so they may be picked up by your hot tub filter. Spa Clear is pH neutral, non-toxic and can be used with any sanitizer.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?

  • SpaBoss Spa Polish - Make your old Shine like New

    SpaBoss Spa Polish will make your old hot tub shine like new. SpaBoss Polish helps to seal and shine your hot tub helping water once again bead off the sides helping to prevent staining and water lines.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?

  • SpaBoss Spa Shock - Destroys Organic Contaminants

    SpaBoss Spa Shock is a powerful oxidizer and be used with either bromine or chlorine and also works quickly in oxidizing contaminates that negatively effect your sanitation system. If used regularly Spa Shock can help to reduce the demand for bromine or chlorine by removing most unfilterable debris. This product will not effect your hot tubs pH levels, will boost bromine or chlorine levels and help to restore your hot tub water to that beautiful clarity it once had. SpaBoss Spa Shock is a non chlorine shock treatment for hot tubs and spas.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?


  • SpaBoss Ultra-Spa - Water conditioner

    SpaBoss Ultra Spa Water Conditioner is an easy to use water conditioning product that is a granular. Ultra Spa water conditioner helps water to feel softer, stay balanced and has a light fragrance to it.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?

  • SpaBoss Whirl Pool Rinse - Removes Flakes from Plumbing

    SpaBoss Whirlpool Rinse is a safe way to remove flakes and chunks from your hot tubs plumbing system. Simply add 9oz per 500 gallons of hot tub water and run your jets for about 2 hours, then drain your hot tub or spa. Whirpool Rinse can also be used in jetted tubs and whirlpools.

    Whirlpool Rinse is formulated especially for whirlpools, spas & hot tubs.


    Spas & Hot Tubs

    For best results keep water temperature between 25ºC - 30ºC. Pour 250ml (half a bottle) of Whirlpool Rinse into your spa or hot tub before draining. Switch pumps onto high speed and allow the water to circulate for at least two hours. Next drain your tub and resume normal maintenance procedures. Repeat as necessary.

    Whirlpool Baths

    Pour 150ml into a whirlpool bath filled with warm water. Turn the tub on for 30 minutes, drain and wipe down with a cloth dampened with Whirlpool Rinse. Repeat every 3 - 4 weeks or as necessary.


    • Do not open air controls while flushing.
    • Do not use your whirlpool, spa or hot tub while flushing with Whirlpool Rinse.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Avoid eye contact.
    • Do not swallow.

    First Aid:

    If splashed in eyes, flush thoroughly for at least 15 minutes and obtain medical attention as soon as possible. If swallowed drink one or two glasses of milk or warm water and call physician immediately.

  • SpaBoss X-It Chlorine Neutralizer

    SpaBoss X-It will remove chlorine and bromine residual in your hot tub or spa water. If you have an excessive amount of chemical build-up X-It is the solution! If you are switching from chlorine to bromine or from bromine to a chlorine sanitation system you should always use X-It before doing so.

    How Do I use SpaBoss / SpaChem to Start up and Maintain my Hot Tub?


  • Water Wand Pleated Filter Cleaner

    The Water Wand makes cleaning pleated filter cartridges quick, easy and efficient!

    The Water-Wand is the worlds first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner. Simply attach to a standard garden hose and it's eight pleat-separating fingers and high pressure fan nozzles quickly clean your filter. The Water-Wand is highly effective at cleaning all swimming pool, hot tub and spa pleated filter cartridges in significantly less time, and using less water than traditional means. The ergonomically designed soft-touch hand grip along with the on/off trigger valve, make the Water-wand well balanced, comfortable to hold, and easy to operate with no water splashing back onto you.

    • Unique, world first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner
    • Makes pleated filter cartridge cleaning quick & easy
    • Cleans 8 Pleats at a time, with soft rubber fingers to get in between pleats.
    • 8 x 180 degree fan nozzles to flush & clean
    • No Splash Back, like with ordinary garden hose sprayers.
    • Handy on/off switch
    • Rugged design ensures years of service.

    Traditionally cartridge filters have been cleaned using a standard garden hose. This is often a long process cleaning only 1 pleat at a time, which wastes a lot of water, stretches and warps the pleats, and really only gets the surface clean. Not throughly cleaning the filter can lead to more frequent filter cleaning and earlier replacement of your cartridge.

    The fingers of the Water-Wand open the filters pleats, allowing the high pressure 'fan blade' water streams to thoroughly flush and clean 8 pleats at a time.

    The inline valve and trigger is intuitive and easy to use, helping to save water when the Water-Wand is not in use.

    The rotating hose connector ensures ease of use and prevents the Water-Wand from twisting up with the garden hose.

    The Water-Wand has been designed and made to withstand harsh outdoor environments. It is made from a mixture of UV stabilized ABS and TPE plastics. The product utilizes a minimal amount of simple moving parts.

    The Water-Wand conserves water and uses significantly less compared to the traditional means of cartridge filter cleaning.